Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Water Wednesday!

Many of my fellow shredders have this water consumption thing down pat, and I've gotten some damn fine advice.

The whole point of my challenge is to sort of have fun with the concept of drinking more water, which for reasons I cannot put my finger on just always seemed like a drag.

Coffee and diet coke just seem so much like treats. But much like going on dates with really hot guys that are in reality kind of boring, diet coke and coffee are best done in moderation and could possibly be eliminated all together. (If you're a hot, single, not boring guy, please do not be offended and leave me a comment with your phone number lol)

Water is the "nice guy" of beverages. And as I get older, nice guys are starting to get a little sexier. So let's see if some of these awesome tips can make water drinking sexy, too.

Every Wednesday I'll be posting water drinking tips from my fellow shredders and maybe a factoid or joke or two. Here we go:

Massimiliano said...
Water is good, water is great, water is the BEST ...
1 glass after waking up
1 glass with breakfast
1 glass mid morning
1 glass at lunch
1 glass mid afternoon
1 glass at dinner
1 glass before bed
There you go, 7 glasses of water!

Personally I drink 4 liters a day and sometimes I do what I call the "TSUNAMI"! It consist by drinking 1,5L. in less than one hour (I do 2L.)
The huge amount of water will clean up your system taking a lot of debris with it.
Be aware do not attempt this with cold water or if you have bladder or kidneys problems. Also if you cannot be near a toilet for the next hour, I do not consider it a smart idea...o before going to the movies or church...!!! Salute,Cin Cin, Campaaii, Cheers,Prosit, Gezondheid!
Tearose, (who is already on 82 glasses of water) says:
How I get All My Water In

When I wake up I drink 2 cups, then I go to the gym and I have a water bottle that holds 3 cups of water, I drink that during my workout.
then with each of my 6 meals I have 2 cups of water = 17 glasses, sometimes I get behind, I just guzzle water whenever I can to make up for it. At first it was hard but over time you will find it gets easier. :)
Cheesy Water Joke
I read a person can drown in under a foot of water, which makes me really nervous because I'm a heavy drooler.
badump bump

Got any water tips? Factoids? Jokes? Let me know or post them on your blog so I can link to it. Bottom's up!


Lilla said...

"..really hot guys that are in reality kind of boring..."

I wish that were the case, then I wouldn't keep getting my heart crushed.

Recovering Bad Boy Addict in Search of Non-Boring Nice Guy

Mike Groom said...

Christy, I drink lots of water and found that it has actually increased now I carry a smaller water bottle with me. I can take it everywhere.

Watch the coffee intake as this has a negative effect on hydration and you'll have to take in extra water to counter it.

Check out for some incredible theories into dehydration.